The durability and usability of the CATURIX products is very important. The development of each CATURIX product is based on three pillars: dedicated design, durable and ecological materials, and extensive quality control.


The products are developed in collaboration with esports atheletes. During the development of each new product, development teams based in Germany and Switzerland organize meetings to analyze the needs and expectations of players. For example, the great feedback helpedus to define the ideal positioning and size of the compartments in which each piece of equipment is stored. The same attention to details has been applied to our ecotec hardshell cases, where special compartments have been added to store the cables.
The level of protection of the equipment is a very crucial aspect for the players. In order to avoid possible damage during transport, the pockets are designed to dampen possible shocks. The option of rigid molded shells for storing cases is one of the outcomes.
Comfort of use is very important when travelling to an event. For backpacks, carrying comfort, load distribution and reduced perspiration are important. These three aspects have been taken into account when designing multi-adjustment straps, the development of the CTX AIR FLOW construction and the use of comfortable and breathable materials such as 3D-Mesh.


Durability, comfort and protection are the primary criteria for selecting the materials used in our products. High impacts resistance, UV and rain protection are essential, as well as a pleasant surface when used.
Our Hong Kong-based team has more than 20 years of experience in product development. This makes it possible to select the best quality from certified suppliers. For one backpack, more than 50 different materials are used.
Ecology plays a very important role in the selection process of our raw materials. The inner and outer of the backpacks are made from high-density fabrics made out of recycled PET bottles. One bag alone can reuse up to 47 bottles.


All our products are made to last a lifetime (Swiss lifetime warranty). The teams based in Hong Kong regularly carry out inspections at suppliers’ facilities. These checks are not only intended to guarantee the mechanical qualities of materials, but also the absence of chemical substances. Independent laboratories are mandated for this last operation. 

Before a product is released on the market, it will have passed a considerable number of mechanical tests. Backpacks undergo cycles of 1,000 repetitions in the laboratory. For example, the bag is filled with a weight of up to 25 kg and then suspended by the carrying handle or shoulder straps. Every 4 seconds, the product falls to a distance of 9 cm.

Finally the product team based in Europe receives each new version of prototypes or pre-series in order to give the final validation ensure the high quality of each product.