I, CATURIX, am the protector of your gaming hardware. I am different. Strong and solid. Durable and sustainable. No compromises with maximum safety for your equipment. I am the battlelord for your gaming hardware. I’m with you.

Over 2,000 years ago, I was the war god of the ancient Helvetians. A local celebrity. Okay, we Swiss tend to understate. Because I was identified with the Roman god of war, Mars. Testimonies to my existence can be found in what are now the Swiss communes of Avenches and Yverdon. There, two temples were dedicated to me and votive inscriptions tell of my deeds.

As the main god of the Celtic people of the Helvetians, I was responsible for the well-being of my tribe. The Helvetian fighters were known for their bravery and were appreciated throughout the Celtic Empire. Sacrifices were made to me. People prayed to me. On the one hand, for peace, support and protection. On the other for happiness and success in the next battle.

Now I am back again. With my Swiss roots and the Helvetic heritage I feel responsible today for the well-being of all e-sport athletes.

Your companions carry the names of my language. The Rhaeto-Romanic language, an old idiom spoken in south-eastern Switzerland. ATTACHADER means the attacker, DECISIUN the decision and CUMBATTANT the fighter.

I want to guide you on your way to the next victory. The concentration is on the mission. No time for trivialities. Full focus on what matters. The victory, the first place, the global competition in eSports. Become part of the CATRURIX Community!

I have my current headquarters in Pfäffikon Schwyz, on Lake Zurich. There where Tradition, honesty and commitment meet innovation and pioneering spirit. You can also find other parts of my team in the south of Germany, in Owen/Teck near Stuttgart – and in the world metropolis Hong Kong, at the gates of South China and in the Arab city of Dubai & Riyadh.

The world today is global and digital. I am with you. Join my tribe and become part of something big.